ECS 210

My Evolving Educational Philosophy- Blog 3

When thinking about my philosophy I picked the quote- “What matters today… is not how much our students know, but what they can do with what they know.” – Tony Wagner

This quote makes it possible to teach material that will relate to the world in school and outside of school. This can educate benefits the students to be individually and socially responsible in school to complete their tasks/assignments and treat people with respect. It can also apply outside of school by the students doing required homework and apply the knowledge in their community.

This quote speaks that the educator’s desires to teach the students in a way that the students can able to comprehend and apply the knowledge. The educator will present the material so that the students can gain an understanding of it and use it to engage in assignments and reality. They are still teaching to their results and indicators, but while they are teaching, they are more involved in making sure that the material is serving to grow the student as a whole person. When this quote talks about the student, it is talking about how the student understands and keeps knowledge to help improve themselves in the school and in the community. As a teacher, I could ask the students how they would apply this content to life in school and outside of school.

This quote is related to my own philosophical understanding of curriculum and school because I want my students to become physically literate students/movers while being personally and socially responsible in and out of the classroom. I believe that students have the right to learn and be educated in differentiated ways in order to clasp the result in a lesson or unit. For this to happen I know that I will have to change my ways of teaching the content to help each student to learn and be engaged in the material. As an educator, I need to show and explain tasks in numerous ways to give each student a fair chance. This will happen by me teaching the whole student – body, mind and spirit. I will alsoI will teach to provide a safe and trustworthy learning environment for my students/learners. I hope that when I teach, my students will be able to grasp an understanding of the material and be able to apply the knowledge in a way that is useful to them on a personal level.

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