ECS 210

The Problem of Common Sense- Blog 1

The Problem of Common Sense In reply to the first article from week one, Kumashiro defines “common-sense” is something that everybody should know. It is also is defined as what everybody would be familiar with. With this Kumashiro then makes a great point that ‘commonsense’ is very much oppressive and that schools add to this oppression. This is due to schools standing by when they should be pushing for making a change. To make the change, educators must push their boundaries in different ways to experience what is around them, eventually this will lead to an anti-oppressive education. With this it helps students to have opportunities to have a better view about the world around them.

It is so important to pay attention to “commonsense” because all over the world they have different commonsense that fits in with their culture. The meaning of “commonsense” to one individual may not be the same for a different individual. Also, commonsense can display of what teachers should or should not be doing. With this outside of the box thinking to be more creative is not always the best idea because education must follow the government standards. It is so simple to follow the “rules” of what is understood to be normal or “commonsense”, but when taking steps to lead students outside of that box can lead to their full potential. As a future educator I think it’s important to be aware of oppression in commonsense. When commonsense is challenged, then we bring creativity and passion into practice challenging a new way of thinking.

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