ECS 210

What is a “good student”?-Blog 4

A “good student” follows the ways of a traditional classroom. They do what the teacher says and usually accomplish these tasks. The good student shows what they learned through standardized testing, essays, or always answering questions in class. From my own experiences I that the higher mark I had, the better the student I was. This is not always the case. A student can be a good student and try as hard as they can to learn a concept but still not succeed. The traditional good student is seen to excel in every subject area because that is just what a “good student” does.

The students that are privileged by this term are the students who have been educated to follow this way since they have begun school and at home. In my knowledge from high school, it was mostly the kids from middle class families who conformed to the traditional good student. The students who needed differentiated learning were not seen as good students because they need more assistance. I think back to class like wood working and welding and most males were very good in this area of school virus others because that is what they would do at home as ranchers.

From the commonsense idea of a “good student”, it is impossible to see or know different learning styles. If commonsense is so fixated on the good student, then the students who don’t follow to the norm are left in the dust or act out. If the commonsense student does not change, then the students who have different learning styles will suffer and are not willing to engage in lessons. As a future educator, it is in my philosophy that I will teach to different learning styles and be sure to facilitate lessons to the needs of my future students.

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