ECS 210

The Political Aspects of a Curriculum Revision- Blog 5

Before reading: How do you think that school curricula are developed?

Before doing the reading, to answer the prompt I think that school curricula is to developed by educators who have had earlier involvement in schools with teaching and using the curriculum as a guide. The curriculum that occurs is updated to fit the needs of present students. As information is constantly evolving, the curriculum needs to be updated with it as well. An example would be, including gender and sexual diversity into the Health curriculum. To develop curricula, I believe that teachers work together to discuss what is working and what isn’t for students in the curriculum.

After the reading, I have found the responses to the prompt very interesting.

How are school curricula developed and implemented?

Curricula is created by governments or other political figures. There are groups of specialists brought together that collaborate with a group of educators knowledgeable in the topics being addressed. I found it very surprising that politics are also very heavily involved in the decision-making. The current curricula are inspected based on the strengths and weaknesses of it. A lot of the time, changes to the curriculum are made with no public attention. When it comes down to implementation, analysts and the designers understand that the intended outcomes are not shaped in the wanted way.

What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum?

I found that lots of issues and problems that are not looked at in depth. Therefore, the significant choices are made fast without lots of discussion. When a decision is made rapidly, the more possibility that the intended results of the curriculum will fail or will not grasp the desired result. Political influence is typically highly unequal and leads to those with fewer power having fewer influence on the decision. If you are an important person in a high position, you will usually have more say in adding an element in or taking something out of the curriculum. Post-secondary institutions have a big result on school curriculum because of the requirements of admittance. This I find very valuable because this will help students out in the long run to be equipped to enter University or College. Occasionally the curriculum is not yet ready to be used by educators. This is do to educators will see curricula issues differently than experts will due to the involvement of actually teaching it. The goal is to develop a curriculum that has a greater impact on students’ real experiences.

Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you?

The government developing the curriculum do not have the knowledge and involvement that teachers normally would. That the curriculum choices are often part of something bigger that goes way beyond education matters and into the realm of political matters.  I also could not believe how many influences that really affect the results to make curriculum revisions such as ideology, personal beliefs and media.

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