ECS 210

Critical Pedagogy of Place- Blog 6

List some of the ways that you see reinhabitation and decolonization happening throughout the narrative.

Reinhabitation happened through a ten-day river trip with youth, adults and elders. Whiled they travelled together on this journey, they shared knowledge about the relations to the land and water. By taking the community and bring them together to benefit the reclaim, knowledge and culture of Muskegowuk. The trip supported reconnection with the youth to nature intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually. They discussed about connections with nature and the land and how it is important in the development of cultural identity of people. Muskegowuk people realize the land as a relative not just a supply. The land is a spiritual place that life arises from. Reinhabitation can simply happen by taking youth to places and help them remember how significant the relationship with the land truly is.

Decolonization during the narrative occurred when territory land was regulated, divided and parceled into Crown land, treaty land and reserve spaces. This separation has caused a loss of connection and relationship between the land and the Inninowuk (Cree) People. This led to loss of the land and the loss of the linguistics. Elders and numerous community members were worried with the language being lost in the youth. Residential schools also had a severe effect on the language because it took away the people who spoke the native languages.

How might you adapt these ideas to considering place in your own subject areas and teaching?

When reflecting my own subject areas and teaching, I will use these thoughts to help my students connect with themselves.  An example would be in health class, most of the curriculum is directed towards students having a balanced lifestyle and to supported this and to connect with the reading, I would go outside to find a calming place where the students can be with their ideas. I believe this would be very beneficial.

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