ESCI 302

Ecological- Blog 5

The letter I wrote was to my friend Taylor who has made such a huge impact just by watching him live such a simple eco-friendly life. To be honest, Ecoliteracy was just a word to me with really no meaning. I now know it is more then that and going back through some of my past experiences with nature and our earth that I was able to experience most of my life, I realize that I have always been doing my part to a certain extent but not to it’s fullest. As I read through the individual poems/love letters, I felt connected to most of them. Each of them shared a personal experience with someone that impacted the way they think and feel about our eco-system. It made me feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and learned in this class to become more aware of what is going on around us so we can make a difference. That alone has connected us all and for me it was really hard to only chose two people to connect with. I chose Jessalyn and Madison as my braiding connections. All three of us wrote love letters to a significant person in our lives that made us aware of our environmental choices.

Madison thanks her life partner for inspiring her to be environmentally conscious. She says “Thank you for being the person that inspires me to be environmentally conscious, it has changed my life forever”.  This is the same connection that I have with Taylor. We also both share how important it is to be ware of what is going on with our earth and how our actions can help.

Jessalyn also thanks her friend for caring so much and contributing to making the earth more environmentally friendly even though those around don’t seem to appreciate the little things that her friend is doing. Through the letter she continues to acknowledge these good things and yet admits herself that she may not even understand the reason as to why. The admiration she shows toward her friend speaks volume and we all need a friend like that in our lives that can make us accountable to do better with our environmental choices. I started my friendship with Taylor based on very little knowledge when it came to make green choices but watching him as inspired me to make even more positive changes just as Jessalyn and Madison have.

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