Field Experience

Field Experience- Year One at M.J Coldwell

During my first year of education, I had the opportunity to complete a pre-internship placement at M.J. Coldwell Elementary School. As a pre-intern, I participated in an elementary school field experience one day per week throughout the winter semester – the equivalent of three weeks in the classroom. During which, I was required to demonstrate competency in basic skills such as classroom management, lesson planning and the other skill areas.

This opportunity granted my valuable first-hand experience working with young children in a classroom setting. I had the opportunity to actively engage with young children through critical inquiry, organizing class activities, assisting in teaching assignments, and helping wherever possible. This time granted me a deeper understanding of education, children, and teaching as a profession. I learned that every child has different needs and to be successful and that no matter where a child starts, each progress at a different pace. Saskatchewan’s classrooms are constantly changing, and teachers are needed, more than ever, to be sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of students. My best experience in the classroom was seeing first hand the impact I could have on children’s lives. In the short seven weeks I was there, I witnessed profound growth – physically, emotionally, and cognitively, in most students and was struck by their desire to learn. The one occasion that had a particular impact on me was the feeling I got when leaving the classroom on the last day. Even during the short time I was there, I had formed a bond between myself and students that was hard to break.

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