ESCI 302

Importance- Blog 4

As a future educator, I have the ability to educate students about the importance of the environment. I can teach my students about the importance of recycling and how to help stop pollution. I am a very passionate person about the environment. I try my best to do small things that have a huge impact on the earth. I avoid plastic straws when possible, I always recycle, and I eat local food products. I want to educate my students about the importance of doing this because the future generations deserve to live in a healthy environment. It is my job as a teacher to be a role model and to help future kids live in the best environment possible. I shape the minds and behaviours of children who will have the biggest impact on the environment and it is my job to protect the Earth that I live on.

In my classroom I plan on providing the students with a cognitive and embodied environment. I will hang up motivational posters and allow lots of natural light to enter the classroom. Using nature and the environment to my advantage will further the learning environment for my class. Environment is an important part of becoming a teacher because it goes beyond the importance of the geographic location as Ho examines in her article. Environment is what a person makes of it. Using the environment is very beneficial for many day to day activities especially when using it for education purposes.

Kimmerer writes in great detail about how humans do not get to see the true beauty behind nature. Reading this has opened my eyes to see how little I know about nature. I am now able to truly admire the detail around me. As cliché as it sounds, I have been able to “stop and smell the roses” a lot more since reading this article. I learn a lot from my environment and observing it daily. I watch the bees crowd the flowers on a mission and it gives me the strength to accomplish my daily tasks. I see the leaves change with the seasons and that allows me to see the impact that weather and nature has on people as well. Learning from the environment is a common way of learning for indigenous communities and I believe it should be implemented into the classroom because it is important to make connections with your environment.

                In conclusion, I believe that the environment is an important part of life. It can be used in the classroom to help students understand the subject at hand, it can be used as a way to boost your own emotion as well as a motivator to start the day. The environment needs to be treated with respect and dignity. It provides us humans with lots of benefits and it is our job to protect it for future generations to enjoy. Ho and Kimmerer have helped me to understand the importance of the environment and I hope to learn in the future about different ways that I can protect it. This assignment has allowed me to reflect on the significance and importance that the environment plays in my life.

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