ESCI 302

‘Love’ Letter

Dear Taylor

I am writing this letter to you because you have moved me since the day I meet you. I never have never heard of the term eco-literate until my ECSI class and coming to understand this term I could not have pick a better word to describe you. You taught me about the importance of being well connect by understanding world environmental problems and what I can do can help.

The term eco-literate means to me that a person has an understanding and is educated of ecological problems in the 21st century.  This comes with involving themselves and with other by trying to help with the environment issues.  

This ‘love’ letter I am writing to you is because you are trying to make a change into world for a better a day tomorrow and the further. You have showed me how important it is to be aware of what’s going on the earth and how my actions can help. I’m by no means an expert on todays ecological issues but because of you I want to stand by you and learn how to help make a difference. As a further educator, in my class I hope to show and let the youth be aware and educated on are planet because they may only make up 20% of are population, but they are 100% are future.

Thank you for showing, sharing and caring.

Thank you,


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