Education is the study of existence. It is intersection of how past and present experience shapes future goals and aspirations. Individuals begin this shaping the second they enter the world. I am drawn to the study of education both because I enjoy being around children, and because I am passionate about the complexities of early childhood learning. As one of the most important times for cognitive development, it is important that no child feels left behind or substandard in any way. Without proper supports tailored to their specific individual needs, children can be left feeling lost, overwhelmed, and/or not equal to their peers. All children, despite their social well-being or station in life, have a right to have a positive, supportive environment during these most critical years of development.

As an educator, you are expected to guide children along their own path of personal development. However, it is important to consider one’s own influences because as a young woman, my own self identity is still constantly evolving. As I’ve grown, past experiences have helped me understand that I, as well as anyone else, can accomplish anything. Even though I sometimes feel like giving up, stubbornness is a main driver that keeps me going. For instance, my first year of university, although challenging, has taught me a strong sense independence that will forever shape who I am. Teaching to me requires an understanding of both owns own identity, and identity of who they are trying to teach, and the ability to act as a facilitator in guiding someone down their own path of self development.

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