ESCI 302

Pledge to Buy Local Food- Blog 2

Stunned, confused and interested the words of “food is contributing to global warming” I look to the person as if they were crazy. Turns out I was the crazy one to think food and global warming have nothing to do with each other. To my surprise food that I was buying from groceries stores traveled all over the world. Now I know this seems obvious since bananas weren’t being grown in Regina or any place in Canada that I knew of, but I also never look at a banana and thought “wow this came all the way across the world and used fuel guzzling transposition”.  The transposition of food uses carbon dioxide emissions which happens to be a big problem and main causes of global warming. Cutting down on transpositions of food would help a lot with global warming and making it better.

Already mind blown away, another point came up about chemical agriculture. I know farmers use pesticides on their projects like vegetables, but I just thought they were not healthy for my body. Once again, I thought “omg the chemical in the pesticides were being released into the atmosphere”. I felt so stupid that I was aware of what was going on with the earth hearing but never connecting to the food that I buy that was helping by contributing to global warming.

The problem seemed clear to fix, I would but organic food. Even though organic food does not use any chemicals to produce the food, the problem was that was organic food still had to travel the world to ended up in a grocery store.

Wishing that I still had a garden in my backyard the memories of my mom planting strawberries plants with other fruit and vegetables I smile to think of a better time where I didn’t have to second my actions on contributing to globe warming. I would totally grow my own garden but lack of space in the backyard holds me back.

The next thing I heard, I wish I could say this was my idea but considering that I was still thinking about memories of those big, red strawberries in my old backyard, a girl in my Environment Education class said, “buy local from farmer markets”. Ideas started flow in the group like buying from local farms and haemorrhoids. I think pledging to buy local food will only have benefits such as reducing globe warming, help the economies, community, body and the fact that local fruits and vegetables always taste so yummy. I especially like this pledge because it was an eye opener for me and I want to share this knowledge that I have with others to make them aware. I plan to start buying local food from my community and going to farmer markets on the weekends. These might be little steps to help global warming but just like in the Aboriginal story with the bird and trying to help the fire, I’m also doing what I can.

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