ELNG 200

“r u online”: The Evolving Lexicon of Wired Teens

Question One

The article “r u online?”: The Evolving Lexicon of Weird Teens by Kris Axtman explains how todays young generation preferers communing by texting. Since I fit into this generation my texting this like the examples in the article. I’m brief and to the point because I’m not exactly the best speller so having short term words like “brb” and “lol” make things easy when spelling. This style can say that I’m lazy when coming to texting and could indicate that I don’t have the time or I’m busy. This also shows my age and what generation I was born in. although I do have different texting styles like when I text my boss, I’m very formal or when texting long paragraphs, I use the microphone option on my phone to spell words to me.

Question Two

I used a blogging network in one of my University classes. This allowed us a class to communicate some of our work and we were able to comment on each other work without having a face to face conversation. This allowed me to be able to take constructive criticism without feeling hurt, mad, angry or other emotions that might come with a personal face to face conversation. Due to this networking, I was able to use it as a valuable tool for engagement. We were able to get to know each other and build trusting relationships.

Question Three

Technology relationships are different from face to face ones in the way that it is much easier to have a technology relationship. This is due to being able to multi-task with technology and having multiple conversations with people at the same time in a short period. It seems when we have very busy lives it is hard to meet face to face with people. Technology makes it much easier to stay in touch with people on a regular basis that we don’t see that often such as long distance friendships, family members that don’t live close, etc. This allows us to still stay connected and continue to build strong relationships.

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